Referral Program 推荐亲朋好友

 How the referral program works:

  1. Use your referral link found at and send it to your friends who have not ordered from us before.
  2. Your friend uses your referral link and signs up to our website.
  3. Upon sign-up, your friend will receive a $5 sign-up coupon that can be used on their next order with us. The coupon can be found at
  4. When your friend successfully completes an order with us, you will also receive a $5 coupon which can be found at
  5. All coupons have a validity date of 30 days
  6. All coupons can only be used once
  7. Only one coupon can be used per order
  8. Only works with new users who have not ordered with us before.
  9. In the event of any disputes, final decision on eligibility of coupon usage remains with Maxmart Pty Ltd


  1. 您在 里会找到您专属的推荐链接,转发这个链接给之前没有在Maxmart网站购物朋友。
  2. 您的朋友使用您的推荐链接注册到Maxmart网站。
  3. 注册后您的朋友将收到一张5澳元的注册优惠卷,可以在下次订购时使用。优惠券可在 中找到
  4. 当您的朋友在我们这里成功完成第一笔订单时,您将收到一张5澳元的优惠券,您可以在 上找到该优惠券
  5. 所有优惠券的有效期为30天
  6. 所有优惠券只能使用一次
  7. 每次订购只可使用一张优惠券
  8. 接受邀请的用户没有之前在Maxmart的购物记录
  9. 最终解释权归Maxmart Pty Ltd 所有